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Thimar Manufacturing Chemical & Agricultural Manure

is a Jordan corporation and a agriculture and industry, specialty plant nutrients and food phosphates. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Thimar was founded in 1990 by the Mr. Al Essa.

A private company it owns the Thimar of fertilizer factories. Perlite factories are working with a lot of companies in the development, agricultural equipment and fertilizers.


Our company - the largest companies in Jordan agricultural - available for that we have many distinctive products needed by the Jordanian market.


Our Mission

Thimar key mission is to create highly effective solutions for farmers worldwide by leveraging a deep familiarity with their requirements. Thimar attention to the farmers' needs, together with a profound knowledge of the markets, is what differentiates Thimar from the competition.


Thimar’s pioneering roots drives it to innovate in all of its activities. Thimar s solutions and fertilizers are designed to improve plant nutrition, enhance application efficiency and boost grower's profit while minimizing harmful environmental impacts.


Partnerships. our sister organizations

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