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NITROGEN 21%. CrS, Composition: Nitrogen 21% (ammonia N 21%, DMPP 0.8% with respect to ammonia nitrogen); sulfur 60%. Nitrogen fertilizer of controlled release with sulfur. With nitrification inhibitor (DMPP), which inhibits the action of nitrosomonas, delaying the transformation of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitric, which avoids losses due to nitrate leaching, achieving greater use of the nitrogen fertilizer units while reducing the nitrate contamination.


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  • Fertigation: Citrus : 175-250 kg / ha and year. Fruit trees : 70-140 kg / ha and year. Olive tree : 40-100 kg / ha and year. Banana : 200-300 kg / ha and year. Table vine : 90-150 kg / ha and year. Vine : 40-90 kg / ha and year.


  • Do not mix with calcium nitrate. If you want to mix with urea, phosphoric acid, monoammonium phosphate and monopotassium phosphate, it is only recommended to mix them at the time of application. In waters with a high calcium content, it can also cause precipitation problems, so it is recommended to do a test beforehand. The total concentration of salts that a crop receives is the sum of those existing in the soil plus those provided by the irrigation water and the fertilizer. The maximum concentration for a crop depends on its tolerance to salinity. However, for most intensive crops, the concentration of 1 g / L of irrigation water should not be exceeded.

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