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    1. Designed to be applied in the first stage of growth of transplanted plants.
    2. Rasoun not only nourishes plants in the early period, but also accelerates the elongation of secondary roots, which allows additional roots to form faster and encourages the roots to move horizontally and deeply.
    3. Promotes optimal root formation of seedlings, even under conditions of inappropriate temperature and high relative humidity.
    4. If mixed, it quickly eliminates stress conditions that may occur.
    5. PropertiesIt reduces soil and climate selection conditions for planted seedlings, and helps all seedlings grow at the same rate.
    6. It is a unique product due to its combination of plant nutrients in its content as a result of research and development work.
  • Active Ingredient


    Sodium ortho - nitrophenolate


    Sodium para – nitrophenolate


    Sodium 5 – nitrogualacolate


    Sodium 1 – naphthalene acetate



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