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RAMSI TURVAS - Peat Substrate

Ramsi Turvas AS was established on 1991. Main activity of the company is production and sales of peat and peat products. Peat is extracted in several peatlands across approximately 800 hectares.


We have more than 25 years of experience in exporting peat. We have long time experience in production and sales of peat and peat products.

Company are developed to achieve high quality of our products in order to satisfy the modern needs of our clients in best way.


We pay our attention, energy and experiences to ensure best quality of production and delivery of our products.


  • PEAT FOR HORTICULTURE USE– for gardening, agricultural and plant cultivation purposes.
  • PEAT FOR ENERGY USE – (milled peat) for heat and electricity generation purpose

RAMSI TURVAS - Peat Substrate

  • Peat substrate is based on blonde sphagnum peat. The fertilizer level is medium and the pH is adjusted with limestone.

    The added fertilizer gives the young plants all the nutrients for a good start. Later you should start adding the fertilizer with water when the plants have taken root, approximately two weeks after planting. More precise timing and fertilizer concentration depends on the growth of plants and growing conditions.

    Recommended use:

    • Seeding
    • Cuttings
    • Potplants
    • Greenhouse


    Nutrient additives per 1 m3 Peat

    Organic matter content                                     98%                                       NO₃-N                    70,00g

    Ash content                                                           2%                                      NH₄-N                    50,00g

    Dry matter                                                             60 – 90 g/l                           P₂O₅                       137,40g

    Degree of decomposition                                                                                K₂O                        240,00g

    (Von Post)                                                            H2 – H4                                MgO                      23,55g

    Screening                                                             0-10 mm                              B                             0,40g

    Limestone powder                                                                                            Mo                         2,03g

    (92% CaCO₃)                                                         4,5 kg/m3                            Cu                           1,70g

    pH (H₂O)                                                                5,6 – 6,4                               Mn                         2,85g

    Electrical conductivity                                                                                     Zn                           0,90g

    (Dutch standard)                                                 0,7 – 1,2 mS/cm                   Fe                           8,40g

    Moisture content                                                50 – 60 %                                S                              7,40g

    Bulk density                                                       160 – 190 kg/m3


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