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Nova PeKacid is ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ patented water-soluble PK fertilizer which is ideal for open-field and soilless crops. The product can be used in both hard-water conditions and calcareous soils.


Nova PaKacid combines the benefits and effectiveness of phosphoric acid with the ease and safety of crystalline fertilizer. This fertilizer is white, free of sodium and chlorine and also has a very good solubility at 670 g/l water (at 20 degrees). Due to its high acidity Nova PaKacid prevents the blocking of droplets by calcium deposits. In addition, due to the high acidity of the fertilizer, it can be mixed in one tank with Calcium and Magnesium.

Despite its high content of Phosphorus, Nova PaKacid lowers the pH in carbonate soils that helps to prevent nitrogen loss.


    • high content of Potassium and Phosphorus;
    • 100% soluble in water;
    • high solubility (670 g/l H2O at 20 °C);
    • strong acidifying power (240 grams of Nova PeKacid will redact 61 mg/l of HCO3);
    • free of chloride and sodium;
    • in powder form, so safe to use;
    • Nova PeKacid can be mixed with Ca and Mg;
    • double effect of PeKacid;
    • nutrient supply is available from the Phosphate ions (H2PO4) and due to the acidifying effect PeKacid prevents the fixation of those ions in the fertigated area;
    • prevent clogging of the irrigation systems.
    • Recommended maximum of dissolution rate is 10-15 kg/100 liters of water.


    How can Nova PaKacid be used to open the blocked droplets in the fertigation system?

    To open the blocked droplets with Nova PaKacid, please do the following:

    1. Required concentration: 5 kg of Nova PaKacid for every 1 000 liters of water.
    2. It is necessary to determine the water supply per hour for your plot.
    3. It takes 15 minutes to unlock the blocked droplets with Nova PaKacid.
    4. It is necessary to calculate the amount of water the plot receives within 15 minutes.


    Example of calculation:

    • the water supply is 6 m3 per hour;
    • 1,5 m3 (6 x 0,25) pass in 15 minutes;
    • the requirement is 5 kg x 1,5 m3 = 7,5 kg of Nova PaKacid;
  • Suitable for fertigation. Beside the nutrients supply, its acidifying effect will prevent clogging in the fertigation lines and regulates the pH level in soil solution for better nutrients uptake.

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