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Nova PeaK 0-52-34, monopotassium phosphate, is produced by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, the largest manufacturer of MKP worldwide.

It is made with an exclusive proprietary technology and to ensure maximum quality. Nova PeaK is a high purity product, completely soluble in water and fast dissolving.


    • free of chlorine, sodium and impurities, make the product very safe for foliar applications or sprinkler irrigation without risk of causing phytotoxicity or burns leaves;
    • the absence of Nitrogen in Nova PeaK permits application of the most appropriate ratio of P:K for different stages: rooting, flowering, fruit set or ripening and harvest, stages where lower level of Nitrogen is required;
    • maximum flexibility in use of Nitrogen; Nova PeaK can be used in combination with any Nitrogen containing fertilizer;
    • ideal for open field fertigation;
    • great crop starter, flower initiation;
    • although it is not claimed in many trials it has shown that Nova PeaK can help, when foliar applied, to reduce fungicidal attacks, helping to control powdery mildew disease in crops such as grape, apple, rose, melon, watermelon and cucumber;
    • Nova PeaK contains both phosphorus and potassium. Potassium has an important role in the formation and transportation of sugars, starches and acids. It increases fruit quality and product shelf life. Phosphorus promotes root growth and promotes early maturity;
    • Nova PeaK can be mixed with pesticides as an acidifying buffer agent. It has an ideal acidity of pH 5 (+/- 0,5) so it improves the quality of water and enhances the efficacy of pesticides.


    Very low salt index ES (1g/l), 0,8 ms/cm

    With its low salt index, Nova PeaK is recommended for use in any type of crop and fertigation system: drip irrigation, hydroponics, sprinkles or foliar spray.

    Excessive concentration of soluble salts in soil solution can lead to high osmotic pressure and cause dehydration, damage and even death of the plant. The salt index indicates the concentration of salt in the soil after fertilizer application to sodium nitrate. The lower the salt index, the lower the risk of culture damage.

    The Nova Peak salt index (МКР) is the lowest among fertilizers.

  • The high content level of Phosphorus and Potassium makes the product very flexible to be used in hydroponics matching easily the plant’s needs for these nutrients.

    Use Nova Peak in irrigation systems as a source of phosphorus and potassium when you need a product with a low salt index.

    While foliar application Nova Peak can reduce powdery mildew on some crops. Nova Peak can be easily mixed with other foliar fertilizers, urea or potassium nitrate.


    When to use:

    Phosphorus is needed:

    • at the 4-6 leaf stage as a starting fertilizer to enhance the root development;
    • before flowering for better flowering and pollination;
    • at the stage of fruit formation for improvement persistency, durability and longer shelf life;
    • before harvest (gardens) to provide trees with nutrients for the next season.

    Potassium is needed: 

    • in the pre-flowering stage to improve plant strength and power; 
    • late stages of fruit growth to increase birch and color.

    Recommended maximum dissolution rate is 10-15 kg/100 liters.

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