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Nitro Feed Pro - Black Essence

Total Humic Fulvic Extract (w/w): 14% Min Fulvic Acid (w/w): 4% Min
K2O (w/w): 3% Min
Total Amino Acid (w/w): 4% Min

Seaweed Extract (w/w): 4% Min Solubility: 99.9% Min
PH: 8-10
Density: 1.12 Kg/L

Nitro Feed Pro - Black Essence

  • Soil Crops: Solution 500 times before application
    Foliar Spray: Solution 1000-1500 times before application
    Hydroponic: 1500-2000 solution cultivation, during summer season change water every 3 days, during winter season change water every 7 days.

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