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NITRO FEED EXCEL - NPK 40-10-10+TE (w/v)


NITRO FEED EXCEL - NPK 40-10-10+TE (w/v)

    1. Extra care for plants
    2. Protects from heat and dryness
    3. A nitrogen fertilizer that works to promote the vegetative growth of all plants in difficult weather conditions, and in different types of soil.
    4. A fertilizer that is easy, quick to absorb and low in acidity, which helps reduce soil acidity and increases the absorption of nutrients, so that the plant becomes more fresh and green.
    5. Multi-source nitrogen fertilizer, which provides the plant with its needs for a longer period, and thus an abundant yield.
    6. It plays a key role in building chlorophyll molecules, activates many enzymes and stimulates the formation of plant hormones.
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