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NITRO FEED EXCEL - NPK 15-65-5+TE (w/v)


NITRO FEED EXCEL - NPK 15-65-5+TE (w/v)

    1. A compound fertilizer that contains good proportions of nitrogen and potassium and a high percentage of phosphorous, which is an essential element in vital processes and energy building. 2. High quality fertilizer produced from the finest raw materials to ensure rapid absorption.
    2. It is used in various agricultural lands and various irrigation methods and fertilization systems.
    3. Fertilizer that contains balanced proportions of nitrogen and potassium, which help the plant to increase vegetative growth and increase production.
    4. Fertilizer helps in the formation of some oils, sugars and starch in the plant.
    5. Fertilizer helps the growth of the root system of the plant and helps the formation of flowers and lateral branches.
    6. Fertilizer quickly absorbed by the roots and moves quickly inside the plant parts.
    7. An effective fertilizer in all climates and agricultural seasons and can be mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers.
    8. Low acidity fertilizer, the use of which reduces the acidity of the soil, increases its retention of elements, improves its availability, and increases ion exchange in the soil solution.
    9. It is used for all agricultural crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, broccoli and peppers.
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