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Aqualis Nitrophoska solub 13+40+13

Aqualis® Nitrofoska® Solub 13-40-13 is a fertilizer rich in potassium with an adequate balance between nitrogen and phosphorus for the ripening and finishing phases of fruits, citrus and cereals.
They include macronutrients and micronutrients that are completely free of Urea and chlorides, contributing to an efficient absorption of nutrients.

Aqualis Nitrophoska solub 13+40+13

  • Efficient use of all nutrients: Aqualis® Nitrofoska® soluble formulas include macronutrients and micronutrients and are completely free of urea and chlorides, contributing to efficient nutrient absorption and use.

    Healthy harvests, maximum yields and crop profitability. Quality raw materials: free of chlorine and other elements harmful to crops. Quick and complete dissolution in water. Uniform crop size, greater consistency, better color and preservation. For balanced flowering and growth, or to correct nutritional deficiencies Reduction in the contamination of the phreatic mantles and emission of gases into the atmosphere The acid character prevents the blockage of the irrigation system and promotes the assimilation of nutrients.



    Nutrient composition


    Total nitrogen (N): 13%

    Nitric Nitrogen (NO₃-N): 4.2%

    Ammonia Nitrogen: (NH₄-N)    8.8%

    Phosphorus pentoxide: (P₂O₅)   40%

    Potassium Oxide (K₂O): 13%

    Iron (Fe) **: 0.04%

    Manganese (Mn):  *0.025%

    Zinc (Zn): *0.015%

    Copper (Cu) *: 0.004%

    Boron (B): 0.02%

    Molybdenum(Mo): 0.002%

    pH (sol. 1%): 4.6

    EC (MS / cm-0.1% at 25C): 1.0

    * EDTA chelates

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